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Your 2020 Digital Marketing Forecast Is In

After what seemed like 102 days of January, we are finally kicking off the second month of the new decade! Over the past few weeks, the team at Social City Consulting has been busy identifying our top 3 trends for social media marketing in 2020. We’re eager to share our predictions on what is hot for the coming year. From more ‘social media-direct-to-sales’ marketing to TikTok, we’re chatting all things trendy and relevant for social media in 2020.

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Social Commerce

Throughout the years, we continue to see the rise of “mobile exclusive users” or in simple terms, social media users who only access social media on their phones. According to an April 2019 eMarketer article, almost 52% of all social media network users are mobile-only users. But why does this matter? At Social City, we understand that maximizing your brand’s social media channels creates opportunities for direct-link sales - and that’s important!

Since Instagram’s introduction of Shoppable Posts, we’ve seen a steady increase of their in-platform shopping options. According to Instagram’s most recent statistics, 130 million Instagram users tap on an in-app shopping post every month. That’s insane! If that’s not enough, Instagram has teased new updates to this feature including an in-app checkout process and the ability to run shopping posts as sponsored ads. Our team is excited to see the potential opportunities these new technologies will have for our current and prospective clients. What products would you buy direct from Instagram accounts?

Micro and Nano Influencers

It’s pretty difficult to discuss the growth of social media marketing without discussing influencers. Influencer marketing continues to develop exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. We’ve come a long way from influencer marketing being reserved for highly-followed accounts, like the Kardashians. These days, brands recognize the power of micro and, as of recent, nano influencers. While the exact range of followers to qualify as an “influencer” is suggestive, some nano influencers are reported to receive sponsorship opportunities with as few as 1000 followers. Sign us up for that!

For many brands, micro and nano influencers are more accessible and often have a stronger quality of engagement. Many consider these types of influencers more authentic and “better bang” for a brand’s buck. Gone are the days where influencer marketing was limited to large brands with extensive resources, and we couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to see the new interesting ways brands collaborate with influencers in 2020. If influencer relations is part of your new vision for 2020, we’d love to chat!

Video Content and TikTok

Nothing took over social media in 2019 quite like TikTok. Primarily for the Generation Z folks out there, TikTok has taken over quickly and effectively. Pretty much world domination in a manner of months. The platform enables users to create a wide range of content, from pranks to dance trend videos, in short, snackable videos. The platform is MADE for easily viral content. At Social City, we’re excited to see the ways TikTok users continue to leverage their channels for both organic and sponsored content. Will TikTok outlive it’s predecessor Vine, or will the fast fad quickly fade away? What do you think?

What are the social media trends you’re most looking forward to exploring in 2020? Let us know!

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