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Why You Need Pinterest To Level Up Your Brand

Pinterest is one of the most unique, and (in our experience) under-utilized tool of today’s social media platforms. The platform's collaborative interface allows brands to maximize their presence online and reach consumers directly. Pinterest calls itself the “productivity tool for planning your dreams.” Who doesn’t love that?!

Pinterest stands out among its’ social media peers as a place for users to find inspiration - for weddings, vacations, table-scapes, outfits, the dream yacht we’ll never own, etc. etc. Because of this, Pinterest users are not only receptive to brand content - they’re actively looking for it!

Today, we’re going to be sharing our top 5 helpful tips for using Pinterest to level up your brand online.

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Visuals are key, but create engaging text content anyways

Anyone who has visited the Pinterest site could tell you that strong visuals are the currency of the platform. However, one of the strongest criticisms from brands and users alike is that through the constant pinning and repinning cycles- description text and links become broken, making it impossible to track down the original post. In short, this means that your content may lose it’s original connection to your brand or website, losing you potential customers in the process. Due to the nature of Pinterest, this is not entirely unavoidable. To help keep your content relevant, we recommend creating descriptive copy and including tasteful branding embedded into your images. These simple steps ensure your content has a better chance of being linked back to your brand - despite those constant repins!

Think about mobile-friendly content

According to a recent statistic released by Pinterest, almost 85% of users are using the platform from a mobile device. For best results, we encourage brands to create their content in a 2:3 aspect ratio so your image works best in the mobile app. And always shoot in the highest quality possible - it’s worth the investment!

Think seasonal

Holidays, life events and seasons are a big draw for Pinterest users. We recommend brands curate their content into seasonal or holiday-specific themes wherever possible. Aligning your content to holidays or “moments” - think birthdays, weddings, babies - helps to capture the interest of users. One of the great things about Pinterest is that users are not only looking for their current needs (their upcoming dinner party) but their future needs as well (that yacht we keep talking about).

Make it easy for your consumers

Pinterest continues to streamline their platform for consumer ease and maximum brand exposure. Our favourite feature, Shoppable Posts, helps consumers easily shop posts in one simple click - perfect for you interior design, fashion, beauty, design or food and beverage brands out there.

Follow a schedule

Like all social media platforms, consistency is important to establishing your brand. There’s lots of debate in the digital marketing world about consistent posting on Pinterest versus ‘flood-posting’. We recommend our clients create a consistent post schedule that considers Pinterest’s unique algorithms. Not sure where to start? Give our team a call, we’d love to help!

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