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What Is Personal Branding And How Can It Lead to Your Dream Job?

The new decade is upon us, and life-changing, goal manifesting season is in full swing. This post is for all you that are channeling your new year energy into a career change, job hunt or promotion. We know it’s tough out there so the team at Social City sat down to talk personal brand - and how understanding yours will help you (and your resume!) stand out in the ever-competitive job hunt.

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What Is A “Personal Brand”?

“Personal brand” - insert air quotes here. We get it; establishing, and even understanding, your personal brand is a difficult task. A personal brand is the ever-evolving process of marketing yourself (and your career) as a brand. Your personal brand is a reflection of your skills, experience and personality. It is the outward presentation of you personally and professionally - a key factor for those of you on the job hunt, or perhaps moving into a new career or role.

Be Yourself And Find Your Niche

We cannot say this enough - your personal brand should be a reflection of who you truly are. A personal brand should reflect your skills, values, experience and personality - and how all these elements allow you to hold space in your chosen area of interest or career.

One common misconception is that a personal brand is all about “selling yourself.” This is not the case. A personal brand helps to build credibility and establish a consistent and accurate representation of your personal and professional lives. A perfectly balanced personal brand establishes your solid professional reputation with a sneak peek into your personal life and the hobbies/interests/values that make you YOU!

Build A Brand Statement

To start, think about both your short and long term goals. What skills and experience do you currently possess, and what skills and experience would you like to gain? Use this brainstorm to create a one page brand statement for yourself.

Some helpful prompts our team uses in creating a personal brand statement are:

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What skills and experience set me apart in my chosen career field?

Where do I see myself in ten years, professionally and personally?

What are the skills I pride myself most on?

What skills do I often receive accolades for?

What personal qualities do I value?

How would I summarize my personality?

Now that you have your personal brand statement, the real work begins. In order for your personal brand to be consistent and effective, it needs to be reflected across all outward presentations of yourself. This means your cover letter, resume, website, social media, presentation at work and networking events, etc. We recommend picking 3-5 key words and themes you’d like to present consistently, and go from there!

Build And Amplify Your Networks

Whether you’re on the job hunt, starting a new side-hustle, or looking to expand your professional network, it is important to ensure your personal brand is reflected throughout ALL of your social media. We recommend having an acquaintance (or very honest friend) look through your social channels and provide feedback on what they think your brand statement is based on what you post. Does this align with the brand statement you’ve set for yourself? The perception of potential employers or clients is important to consider when establishing your personal brand on social media.

Another way you can continue to elevate your personal brand on social media is through engagement. When manifesting your short and long term goals think of jobs, companies, industries or people you admire and/or strive to emulate and attain. Follow these accounts, interact with them daily and gain insights and guidance to inform your personal brand. This interaction will continue to establish your credibility and will not go unnoticed by others in a similar scope of interest - potentially new employers and/or clients.

Do you have any advice to share on creating a personal brand? We’d love to hear it!

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