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The Definitive Guide To SEO And Why You Need It

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can seem like a daunting and mystical buzzword, but what does it really mean? How can you harness the power of SEO for your Brand’s website or blog? Have no fear, the team at Social City Consulting are here to break down the basics of becoming an SEO wiz.

But What Is It Really?

In simple terms, SEO is the process of creating content to ensure the maximum number of visitors to your website. By creating SEO friendly content, the magic of the interwebs (ie. search engine crawlers) will help your site be more likely to come up high on any number of search engines. By appearing within the top results of a search engine search, your site will be primed for maximum web traffic potential.

Now for your first step: getting started.

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How Do I Start?

To gauge your site’s current SEO effectiveness, we always recommend our clients use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These platform allow you to determine your site/blog’s current SEO profile. With any of our clients, we always conduct a thorough analysis to understand what posts or sites are performing well and which are not. Once you establish a solid understanding of your Brand’s current online performance, you can begin to set new goals and targets for your SEO journey - and trust us, it’s a journey!

How Do I Ensure My Posts Are SEO-Friendly?

The key to effective SEO management is creating sites and blog posts that actively allow the search engine crawlers and algorithms to do their work. Our team follows a few important steps to creating killer content:

Key Words

Understanding your keywords is crucial for the success of your blog or business in many realms, social media and websites included. Think about the common themes you want to establish within your Brand. Now, think about the audience who you wish to reach that may identify with those common themes. What would your target audience be searching for online? What words would they be using on Instagram or their Google searches? How do these words interplay with the common themes you’ve set out for your for your site or blog?

These keywords are critical in helping to define and establish your brand or blog’s web presence. To take this a step further, we always encourage our clients to use “long-tailed keywords’ - a strong sentence using multiple keywords that are important to your site.


This is especially important for all our fellow bloggers out there. Each blog post should have two unique titles. One, the blog post title, which appears as your heading and drives already existing traffic to your post. The second, is your SEO title, which acts as a catch for search engine crawlers. This is the title that will appear within a search engine so it is important to ensure your title is concise but descriptive. This is the perfect place for those long-tailed keywords we already talked about.

What About All Those “Other Terms”?

Yes, the elusive “other terms”. If you feel confident in the first steps we listed above, you may want to do a deep dive into the complicated world of advanced SEO. Words like ‘meta-tags’, ‘alt-text’, ‘backlinks’, and ‘bread-crumb navigation’ can all sound like they’re from outer space. Here at Social City Consulting, our team are experts at creating and improving SEO content for a wide variety of company sites and blogs. Reach out to us today to learn how our SEO content experts can help you become a master of the search engines.

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