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Slide Into Our DM's: The Business Edition

According to the most recent stats released by Instagram, there are currently over 1 billion monthly users on the platform, with 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day. If that doesn't spark some interest, we're not sure what will! Social City Consulting is your partner in getting social. This week, we’ll show you how DM views can be turned into quality conversions that will impact your bottom line and put a face to your already awesome Brand name!

One of the most common questions we receive as Digital Marketers is:

"How can I effectively target my audience in a direct and impactful way?"

This is a challenging question, even for the most skilled of social media strategists. At Social City Consulting, one of our solutions is quite simple: the Instagram Direct Message. By using this instantaneous messaging feature, a Brand can create a personalized experience within an expansive Digital World.

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Where Do I Start?

As a new business or small Brand, developing and implementing a social media strategy can be overwhelming. Here at Social City Consulting, all of our social media strategies are compromised of five integral parts: listening, content strategy, engagement, promotion and analytics.

We recommend integrating your Instagram DM sliding to the engagement and promotion elements of your strategy.

A few important reminders before you begin:

  1. If you want to encourage real growth with a potential audience, it is important to avoid using direct messaging as spam. Develop a real connection first and the rest will fall into place.

  2. Be strategic. What type of first impression would you like your message to leave? How are you envisioning your Brand being represented throughout a simple message? Be upfront with your ask, be professional and make sure to proofread before you click send!

  3. Be personal and engaging. Copy and paste is not your friend and will put your Brand at risk of getting blocked! Stay true to yourself and start building valuable connections.

Instagram DM's are a great way to build a well-rounded network of partners, influencers, consumers and fans. We always encourage our clients to engage with their audience wherever possible through a personalized call-to-action (an invitation to continue the conversation). This is particularly effective with followers who already engage meaningfully in other ways on your feed with likes, shares, comments etc.

A great way to expand on this practice is through direct message promotions and codes for User Generated Content. For example: encouraging your followers to post using a designated hashtag in exchange for an exclusive promo code, discount or other Instagram DM offer. This is an excellent engagement and promotion cross-over as it expands the reach of your audience and rewards your engaged followers.

If your Business or Brand focuses on consumer goods and services, Instagram DM can be an effective way to manage customer service related issues and negative reviews. This form of social listening extends to Instagram comments and can be an effective tool in reaching dissatisfied customers. Show your consumer's a personal side and see how a reaction can immediately change when they know you truly care to hear them out!

Now What?

Still have questions about building your social media strategy and how you can effectively use Instagram DM's for your next big push or promotion? Social City Consulting offers a wide range of Digital Marketing Services focusing on expanding your reach and increasing engagement. Give us a shout and see how we can set your Brand up for success as you start getting social!

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