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Own Your Work Day: 3 Productivity Tips to Save You Your Time and Your Sanity

As 2019 comes to a close, the holiday burn out is real. Deadlines get tighter, social calendars get crazier and there just never seems to be enough time in the day. In honor of the yule-tide grind, we’ve compiled a list of our 3 tried-and-true tips to (sleigh) your day.

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Limit Distractions

Let’s be honest, the holidays are a prime time for distractions. Between browsing the online holiday sales, figuring out the perfect gift, or snacking on your fifth Christmas cookie of the day, the holidays can really disrupt your regular, productive routine. To combat this, our team has adopted a time-blocking model - a process of scheduling your day in order to achieve max productivity.

Schedule time for projects, emails, catching up on your daily news fix, time to analyze the newest Instagram algorithm, and of course finish your holiday to-do list. Setting a schedule for your day gives you the control over your productivity outcome. Some scheduling hacks we love are apps like TimeTune and Sorted3, your favourite calendar app, or good old pen and paper.

Schedule Self Care

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, it is easy to neglect the personal and professional self care that is so vital to your overall productivity. It’s critical to understand your needs and schedule time into your day to take care of yourself.

Insert the million self-help adages that apply, but you truly cannot be your best self without physical, emotional and mental self care. As a human being, your exercise, healthy eating, and sleep routines all have an impact on your overall health and productivity. Schedule these activities just like you would any other appointment - if you don't cancel on your friends, family, manicurist etc., don’t cancel on yourself.

Use A Habit Tracker

This type of daily life automation might not be for everyone but our office swears by a daily habit tracker to keep track of good life (and productivity!) skills. For those of you obsessed with lists, this is the perfect way to give yourself a mini high-five every time you succeed at "adulting". You can track both your personal and professional goals - from the smallest of habits to the life-changing game changers.

In our office, some of the daily habits we track include: making the bed in the morning, getting your 10,000 steps in, saving a few dollars a day for your next vacation and clearing your email inbox daily. The possibilities are endless! We recommend a bullet journal format or app-tracker, such as the Streaks app.

What are your daily productivity hacks and holiday survival tips? Let us know!

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