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Our Favourite Apps for Managing Your Holiday Wellness

The holidays are some of the most magical times of the year, but at the same time, they can be incredibly stressful. Even the most jolly elves among us can neglect self care and overall wellness strategies during the holiday rush. To help you beat the feelings of post-holiday blah, we’ve compiled our favourite apps to get you through the season with your sanity and wallet still intact.

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Don’t Neglect Your Budget

One of the primary stressors during the holiday season is the cost of gifts, nights out, holiday parties, festive decor etc. etc. etc. (Please don't make us go on!) Add in the influx of holiday sales emails in your inbox daily and you have a recipe for a overspending disaster. Keep yourself accountable and on track with some budgeting apps like our current favourites Mint and Wally. These personal finance apps sync to your debit or credit card accounts to set budget, monitor spending and curb the impulse purchases that run rampant this time of year.

Honour Your Feelings

For many, the holidays are wrought with emotional ups and downs and stresses from every angle. Whatever your situation, we know that the holidays can be hard on your mental health. While we always encourage our readers to seek the help of a professional, our team swears by apps like My Possible Self and Sanvello to help articulate and manage your feelings. It's important to put your health, mental and physical, at top priority this season so you can tackle the New Year with your best-self confidence!

Relax And Unwind, But Keep A Routine

For many, the week between Christmas and New Years Eve is a week of indulgence and minimal responsibilities. In theory, this sounds incredible. In reality, this week is often very challenging for your overall feelings of wellness. As humans, we’re built to operate on a routine. Throw in too many holiday meals and day-long Netflix binges and your body will end up feeling worse, not better. We encourage our team to take the holidays to relax and unwind, but recognize that a loose routine is often the best strategy for beating the post-New Years slump. We recommend low impact workouts like YogaGlo or kick it into high gear with an on-demand fitness app like FIIT.

How do you stay on track during the holiday season? Let us know!

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