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New Year, New You: How to Make the Most of Your 2020 Goal Setting

Here at Social City, our team loves setting and crushing our goals - whether they be professional or personal. Nothing reinvigorates the soul quite like a new year and the infinite possibilities to start your best life. In honour of the new decade, we’ve asked the team to share their secrets for manifesting your best year yet.

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Write It Down

We cannot stress this enough - write your goals down! Make a note in your phone, stick them on a POST IT by your computer, share on your Instagram highlights...whatever you need to do! Make sure your goals are easily accessible and posted somewhere where you will see them often. Remember: your everyday habits contribute to your long term success!

Set SMART goals

One of the biggest criticisms from those anti-New Year’s resolutions folks (and hey, maybe you’re one of them!) is that long term, “new year-new me” goals are often forgotten by February 1. In our office, we use the acronym SMART so we can approach our goals every day with the same vigour we did on January 1.

Specific: Set yourself real targets and measures of success. This is the difference between a goal like “get healthy” and “run a 10k in under an hour.” Both contribute to your overall health, however setting a specific goal (run a 10k) with a dedicated measure of success (in under an hour), will give you a finish line to strive towards. (Quite literally in this case!)

Measurable: Make sure your goal is easily tracked by milestones that will help you reach success by the end of the year. Say your goal is to save $5,000 - your first milestone would be to set up a savings plan. You have to understand where you are starting to understand where you are going.

Attainable: We encourage our team to challenge themselves, but goals must be attainable in order to be inspiring. Maybe your goals are simply too big for one year! How can you use your 2020 goals to set the foundations for your longer term goals? Maybe it’s developing a business plan for your dream bakery or upgrading courses so one day you can go back to school - think big, but be mindful of what you can reasonably accomplish in a year.

Realistic: This may sound very similar to Attainable but with one key difference: understanding and preparing for setbacks. Think hard about your 2020 goals - what challenges may come up during the year and how will you overcome these challenges? Maybe your goal is to finally write that novel you’ve been dreaming about. How will you overcome writer’s block and time constraints to finish the new great novel? Think ahead and plan for roadblocks. (We can’t wait to read it!)

Time Bound: Many members of our team like to set monthly “check ins” for their annual goals to help keep them accountable and on track. These mini goals are building blocks to success - and you get the monthly satisfaction of knowing you are rocking your 2020 goals!

Happy goal setting! Let us know below what you’d like to accomplish in 2020.

Wishing You A Wonderful New Year,

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