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How To Maximize Your Facebook Ads

If you've every heard that Facebook ads are not relevant in today's marketing world we are here to drop some knowledge! In 2020, Facebook ads are still king for many brands and organizations to reach new consumers, engage with their target audience and start a conversation.

Think of it like this, when the average person is scrolling through their Facebook feed, they are most likely looking for a limited scope of things - friend and family updates, memes, updates from their favourite celebrities and news sites, maybe the occasional cat video - definitely not targeted ad content. Users passively scroll their feed, only stopping when something triggers their interest.

More often than not, the average person is not scrolling social media looking to purchase significant items, services or engage with the vast majority of brands. So how can you make your Facebook ads stand out amongst the onslaught of content? In this post, we’ll show you how to understand your Facebook analytics to optimize your ads and maximize your campaign outcomes!

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What should you be looking for?

The biggest hurdle of Facebook ads is creating content that breaks through the noise and effectively engages your target audience. But what success measures should you be looking for? At Social City, we believe in a results-driven approach - we definitely have some data nerds in the office. We use analytics and key performance indicators to guide our work and we think you should too!

To really understand their effectiveness, we encourage clients to constantly track their ads’ ‘click through rate’. How many consumers are actually clicking your ad? How many are taking the next step to visit your page or website? How many actually become customers? One of the strongest indicators in these types of analytics is where breaks or bottlenecks occur in the sequence of your click throughs. Do clients click your ad but don’t follow through to your website? Or do they visit your website but don’t make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter? These are all telling signs on the effectiveness of your social media and online engagement. This data should guide your process in creating optimized ads from beginning to end.

One of questions we often get asked is about the timing of Facebook ads, and how to harness the 24hour content cycle to your advantage. In our experience, the timing of your Facebook ad does not hold the same weight of Instagram post timing, and that is in part due to Facebook’s ability to automate ads to best reach your target audience. But as a general rule, weekday Facebook ads often perform better and have a lower cost per click ratio.

Our experts at Social City understand the lifecycle of social media ads and promotions, and the most common general problems we see is the concept of ‘ad fatigue’. This type of consumer behaviour is very common across all mediums - social media, the news, advertising on billboards, in newspapers, on the radio etc. Consumers are being bombarded with ad content every minute of their day and many have learned to tune out the vast majority of the noise. So how can brands leverage their Facebook content to beat ad fatigue and increase consumer engagement? We encourage our clients to create a varied array of content available for ad-cycling. In simpler terms, just saying the same thing in a different way with a different look. When Facebook users see too many occurrences of the same ad, they are more likely to ignore it. How can you adjust your content to say the same thing in a different way? We like to use alternative graphics, alternating between photo and video content and using long versus short form copy.

What do you think about Facebook ads? How do they work for your brand or business?

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