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A Must Have Checklist For A Productive Morning

Good Morning SCC Subscribers! Even if you're getting a late start on Today, a Sunday morning is the perfect time to start your productive work week, wouldn't you agree?

Today we wanted to amp up your work week even before it starts so that you can fly through this week with a full heart and clear head. As much as we love what we do, it is super important to take time out of your day to center your head and escape the hustle and bustle of #TheGrind.

So how do we do it?

I promise you we're not the ones who are going to tell you that the 5am wake up is going to cure all your efficiency and motivation problems. We like our sleep, what can we say! Instead, we are going to take a small amount of time every morning to just...breathe.

morning oats breakfast on marble table

Sometimes the 'Sunday Scaries' can get us in an awful panic of what may come this week, but with these simple tips, you will be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way with the confidence of knowing yourself.

1. Stretch. Getting your mind in gear is obviously insanely important, but what about your body? Your brain needs a little warm up and so do your bones! Check out some online Yoga communities and organizations that promote quick routines for getting in gear. Even a 10 minute stretching routine when you wake up will make a difference in getting those tired eyes awake and escaping that dreamy, sleepy haze.

2. Plan. There's nothing more satisfying than checking off a pesky to-do list. At Social City, we love to find a perfect planner to make our busy days seem well...seamless! Check out our favourite planners that not only increase productivity but have little reminders of inspiration and motivation for your first morning read. A positive mindset leads you on a positive path. Never forget!

3. Enjoy. There's no need to dread waking up. Giving yourself something small to enjoy every morning gives you something to look forward to before bed, in your dreams and right when you open your eyes! Your favourite column, a specialty coffee or a morning face mask can get that little pep-in-your-step that people will notice! Not only that, and most importantly, YOU will notice a change in yourself and your mindset.

Ready to beat those 'Sunday Scaries' ? Start with a productive morning today!

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