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A Grateful Reminder: Ways To Remember Why You Started

This week I struggled in finding the words to create a post that would be true to my heart and leave out the jibber jabber of business tips. It seems as though we all resort to thinking in a business focused mindset when it comes to opportunities, relationships and tasks day-to-day but there are times that we need a little help in reminding ourselves to make room to think about why we started all of this in the first place.

From one entrepreneur to another, let's remember why we started this journey and give ourselves a little pat on the back.

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1. Track down your inspiration once again. Feeling lost in creating? Need a little inspiration to get that pep put back in your step? We would be lying if we said we haven't felt that way too. The first step in getting your headspace back on track to success is to find that inspiration and hold on to it for dear life! You may think this is all great and obviously you would have done it already if you knew how. We get it. Social City is here to help you on your journey to tracking down inspiration from our Team's personal experiences of feeling a bit lost. A change of scenery, a walk through nature or even a good book is destined to get your mind rested and also insanely inspired. Step away from the computer and allow yourself to breathe. Trust us, you'll thank us later.

2. Connect, network and all that jazz. The perfect way to remember why you started is having conversations that bring up your Brand's creation story. Talk about what inspired you to get started, what pushes you through the long days and hard nights and touch on your personal tips and tricks of the trade. You'll start to feel like your #Boss self in no time and your projects will start to reflect that!

3. Be proud of yourself. We all work so hard to make a name for ourselves. If you're like most of our Team, we're pretty go, go, go all the time and forget to look back and reap the benefits of what we've actually accomplished. Take a second and smile. Look at how far you've come and the excitement of the rest that's still unknown. The entrepreneur life is a tough one, but it is also a magical one! That should never be forgotten.

Have a wonderful week and keep on Remembering Why You Started!

Kaitlyn Taylor Wosik

Founder & Managing Director

Social City Consulting

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