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3 Reasons Why An Email List Will Change Your Life!

This week, the team at Social City sat down to discuss email marketing and more specifically, email lists. A common misconception we often hear from clients is the idea that email lists are outdated and past their prime.

Data research firms continue to report high rates of return on investment, or ROI, for brands who take the time to craft a strong email list. These same brands see higher rates of follower-to-customer conversion and better engagement on social media or on their websites.

Still unconvinced? We’re here to share our top 3 reasons why you need an email list NOW.

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Beat the Algorithms

One of the biggest criticisms we hear from those anti-email lister folks out there is: I have high engagement on my social media channels, why do I need an email list? Our answer is simple: beyond your website, an email list is content that you control, in its entirety - from content to delivery method. Social media, on the other hand, is not.

Platforms such as Instagram dictate who sees your content and when they see it (hello algorithms!), taking away a big element of brand control. The most recent algorithm shifts are a prime example; many accounts had to adjust their social strategy to combat the ever-changing, sometimes very secretive algorithm shifts to continue to engage their audience. Through an email list, these unknown variables are eliminated from the equation, making your brand message (and it’s timing) stronger.

Making Sales, Baby

Statistics continue to show the strongest value of email lists is ongoing and effective engagement with your brand’s most loyal (and potential) customers and/or clients. In short, it’s the simplest way to convert followers into dollars.

Here at Social City, we consider our email list to be our tribe - our most loyal and engaged followers from all platforms (Social Q’s, social media, our website, clients etc.) By utilizing email marketing, we’re able to share engaging content, announcements and special offers with the individuals who value our content most. We always recommend our clients do the same.

Personalization is Key

Email marketing has come a long way in the past number of years. Now, for a relatively low monthly fee, brands are able to take advantage of comprehensive email marketing platforms, like Constant Contact and MailChimp, to manage and maximize their email lists.

These platforms help to create awesome content, integrate links, photos and videos, and customize each email to a contact to help create a sense of personalization. At Social City, we like to call this style of email marketing - “insider status” - for its ability to make a contact on your email list feel like a special, coveted member of your audience.

Okay, we convinced you...you want to build an email list for your blog or brand, now what?

We asked our experts at Social City for their number one piece of advice in starting a brand new email list and they came back with the hard truth: there are no shortcuts to quality engagement!

There are many online services that promise spectacular results with a purchased email list. This type of engagement may look good in your data sets, but overall these purchased lists will not result in long term, lasting engagement and impact on your brand’s bottom line.

Want to learn more about building a killer media list?

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